25 Years Old Girl Without Arms Got Sport Pilot certificate [Inspirational Story]

January 27, 2009 · Posted in Amazing, People, Pictures, Videos · 6,637 Comments 

Amazing girl Jessica Cox

Jessica Cox, 25, a girl born without arms, stands inside an aircraft. The girl from Tucson, Arizona got the Sport Pilot certificate lately and became the first pilot licensed to fly using only her feet.

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TRUE lOVE [Very Inspirational]

January 23, 2009 · Posted in Amazing, People · 6,716 Comments 

True Love

Love is Everything !!

“This is true love… you think this happens with everyone?”

When we love, it isn’t because the person’s perfect,
it’s because we learn to see an imperfect person perfectly.

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A story without Words

January 14, 2009 · Posted in People, Pictures · 7,795 Comments 

Doctor help girl get eardrum

Everyday 99% of the medical doctors around the world are doing the very best they know how to help relieve pain and suffering. I am so thankful that this physician had the skills to help this little girl.

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