Wicked… Nails!

May 24, 2010 · Posted in Pictures, Wicked · 4,871 Comments 

You are going to have nightmares after watching all this nails’ pics.

Wicked news

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Kent French – Worlds Fastest Clapper

May 13, 2010 · Posted in Amazing, People, Videos · 7,430 Comments 

Meet Kent French, the world’s fastest clapper. He can clap his hands 721 times in a minute, that’s 12 claps a second.

Amazingly Awesome and Wicked Abs

June 2, 2009 · Posted in Amazing, People, Shocking, Videos, Wicked · 7,629 Comments 

Yoga and bodybuilding combo?

People with a Rubber Body [Amazing]

April 10, 2009 · Posted in People, Pictures, Videos, Wicked · 6,790 Comments 

Rubber body

Rubber body

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9 Amazing Facts about Humans

February 21, 2009 · Posted in Amazing · 8,173 Comments 

Body Position Affects Your Memory

Amazing Facts about Humans

Can’t remember your anniversary, hubby? Try getting down on one knee. Memories are highly embodied in our senses. A scent or sound may evoke a distant episode from one’s childhood.

The connections can be obvious (a bicycle bell makes you remember your old paper route) or inscrutable. A recent study helps decipher some of this embodiment.

An article in the January 2007 issue of Cognition reports that episodes from your past are remembered faster and better while in a body position similar to the pose struck during the event.

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