Stop or Grandma Will Shoot

February 20, 2011 · Posted in People, Pictures, Wicked · 6,528 Comments 

Don’t mess with these grandmas!

Grandma with guns

Grandma with guns

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Why North Korea is Firing Missiles at Japan?

June 3, 2009 · Posted in People, Pictures, Shocking, Wicked · 7,345 Comments 

So that their country leaders can ‘inspect’ on some Japanese school girls LOL. Seriously, WTF are these North Korean officials doing with the school kids???

North Korea lolicon

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Unbelievable Extremist Persons [Amazing]

April 24, 2009 · Posted in Amazing, People, Pictures, Shocking · 7,401 Comments 

Extreme aerobics

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Top 10 Funny Freaks

April 18, 2009 · Posted in Funny, People, Pictures, Wicked · 5,993 Comments 

Funny cosplay

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Wickedest Air Fight

April 9, 2009 · Posted in Funny, Pictures, Wicked · 6,282 Comments 

Air fight

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