Amazing 115meter Giant Solar Tower sorrounded by 624 Mirrors

February 15, 2009 · Posted in Amazing, Cool, Pictures · 5,729 Comments 

Andalusian giant solar tower in Spain

Located in the Andalusian countryside of Southern Spain, near Seville, is a giant 115 meter high concrete tower surrounded by a field of 624 huge mirrors. These mirrors collect the sunlight and focus it at the top of the concrete tower, where it heats water passing through pipes converting it into steam. This steam drives a series of turbines that produce electricity. Simple, efficient, environment friendly and spectacular !

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Europe’s Grass-Lined Green Railways [Cool]

January 31, 2009 · Posted in Cool, Pictures · 8,802 Comments 

Grass line railways in Europe

Although it’s certainly not a new idea to combine landscaping with public transportation, one loves the sight of these European trams gliding along on beds of grass. From Barcelona to the Czech Republic, Frankfurt, St-Etienne and Strasbourg, these public transit greenways are showing the potential of incorporating landscaping into good urban design.

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Giant Eggs in Netherland [Art Eggcident]

December 3, 2008 · Posted in Amazing, Cool, Pictures · 5,875 Comments 

Giant Egg Art in Netherland

Dutch artist Henk Hofstra installed his new environmental art project, titled “Art Eggcident”, in Leeuwarden, Netherlands.

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Cow Power [Amazing]

November 24, 2008 · Posted in Amazing, Cool, Pictures · 8,278 Comments 

Cow farm renewable power energy

The Green Mountain Dairy farm in Sheldon, Vt., like all dairy farms, is in the business of producing milk. But the farm is also part of a growing alternative energy program that converts the methane gas from cow manure into electricity.

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