China urine eggs

March 23, 2011 · Posted in Wicked · 11,724 Comments 

Virgin eggs in China are chicken eggs cooked in the urine of young boys. It’s said that the eggs have curative elements for spring drowsiness and summer heat.

China urine eggs

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16 items they only sell at Chinese Walmarts

February 1, 2011 · Posted in Pictures, Wicked · 5,302 Comments 

Weird Chinese Walmart

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Stephanie Kilgast’s Cute Miniature Food

June 28, 2010 · Posted in Cool, Pictures · 8,391 Comments 

1/12 sized miniature food art by French based Stephanie Kilgast.

Stephanie Kilgast Miniature Food

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World’s Longest Sausage

April 27, 2010 · Posted in Videos, Wicked · 5,672 Comments 

It’s over a kilometre long, weighs a tonne and took three days to create… the world’s longest sausage in Mexico.

Maggot Man [Sick]

May 20, 2009 · Posted in People, Videos, Wicked · 8,196 Comments 

Warning!!! Video might make you puke.

Guinness World Record attempt – most Maggots moved by mouth in 1 hour..

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