Belgian Pavilion Built Out of 33,000 Beer Crates

October 1, 2010 · Posted in Amazing · 6,620 Comments 

Set right in front of the iconic Atomium building, the beer crate pavilion of Brussels was designed and built in celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of the 1958 Universal World Exhibition. Beer crates were chosen for the project, because the architects decided their work should evoke the concepts of universality and reusability, and nothing did that better than an ordinary item from the daily life of an ordinary consumer.

Belgium beer crate pavilion

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Lightning struck World Tallest Building [Unforgettable Pics]

April 25, 2009 · Posted in Amazing, Pictures, Videos · 6,571 Comments 

Burj Dubai lightning strike

Pictures of lightning struck Burj Dubai, the world tallest building, while thunder hits Dubai on 15th January, 2009. It was an unforgettable night for Dubai residents.

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Amazing Huaxi City Centre Plan in China

March 18, 2009 · Posted in Amazing, Cool, Pictures · 7,786 Comments 

China Huaxi City Centre Plan

The architects took part in a three-day workshop in Huaxi last summer and each provided an independent design for part of the masterplan. The masterplan was developed by MAD in collaboration with Shanghai Tongji Urban Planning and Design Institute, Studio 6.

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An Amazing Well with 13 floors and 3500 steps [wicked]

February 27, 2009 · Posted in Amazing, Pictures, Wicked · 7,757 Comments 

Chand Baori stepwell in India

Chand Baori, in the village of Abhaneri near Bandikui, Rajasthan. Stepwells, also called bawdi or baoli are in essence wells in which the water can be reached by descending a set of steps. They may be covered and protected, and are often of architectural significance. Chand Baori well is 30 meters deep, it has 13 floors and 3,500 steps.

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The most interesting and weird houses

January 5, 2009 · Posted in Pictures, Wicked · 7,834 Comments 

Weird house

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