Insects Up Close

July 17, 2010 · Posted in Pictures, Wicked · 7,529 Comments 

Creepy insects.

Creepy insect

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Organ Donor Dolls by David Foox

July 6, 2010 · Posted in Pictures, Wicked · 5,792 Comments 

The dolls are designed and made by David Foox to help raise awareness for organ donation and just how important it is.

Cute or scary?

Organ donor dolls by David Foox

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Eat Da Poo Poo

June 7, 2010 · Posted in Videos, Wicked · 4,990 Comments 

Extreme anti homosexuals speech in Uganda.

2-year-old Baby Smokes 40 Cigarettes a Day

June 3, 2010 · Posted in Shocking, Videos, Wicked · 6,203 Comments 

2-year-old Indonesian baby smokes 40 cigarettes a day. Have a long and healthy life, I hope.

The Impossible Soccer Match

May 27, 2010 · Posted in Videos, Wicked · 6,738 Comments 

Spanish football club Athletic Bilbao played a charity match against 200 school kids (with 3 goalkeepers) in what was dubbed as the “Impossible Game”.

The match was a farewell testimonial for club legend Joseba Etxeberria who spent 15 years at Bilbao.

The pros won 5-3 in the end, with Etxeberria scoring twice.

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