World’s largest tent opens in Kazakhstan

July 11, 2010 · Posted in Amazing, Pictures · 6,078 Comments 

The world’s largest tent that barely qualified as a tent has opened to the public in the Central Asian nation of Kazakhstan.

World largest tent in Kazakhstan

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Sergey Bobkov’s Wood Chips Sculptures [Amazing]

June 21, 2010 · Posted in Amazing, Cool, Pictures · 6,966 Comments 

Sergey Bobkov invented a unique technology of making animals from wood chips. He carves the chips into any shape he wants after they were soaked in water for several days.

Sergey Bobkov Wood Chips Sculptures

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Chinese Transformer Sculpture Looks Like Ancient General

June 10, 2010 · Posted in Amazing, Cool, Pictures · 7,530 Comments 

A student from China Central Academy of Fine Arts has created a 9.1 metre robot statue for his final year thesis, which combines elements from popular Transformer franchise with deified ancient Chinese general Guan Yu.

Ancient Chinese General Transformer statue

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Beautiful Summer Insects Photography

June 5, 2010 · Posted in Amazing, Cool, Pictures · 6,289 Comments 

Amazing macro photography. Bugs never looked so pretty.

Beautiful insect photos

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Golf Ball Swims Into Hole

May 22, 2010 · Posted in Amazing, Shocking, Videos · 6,122 Comments 

Is that possible???

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