9 Cool T-Shirts for Software People

March 7, 2009 · Posted in Funny · 8,118 Comments 

Funny geek T-shirts

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Latest Sick Leave Policy for Employees [funny]

March 4, 2009 · Posted in Funny, Wicked · 8,040 Comments 


Funny sick leave policy

No excuse. We will no longer accept your doctor’s statement as proof. We believe that if you are able to go to the doctor, you are able to come to work.

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Most Wicked Anti Theft Devices [Funny]

February 28, 2009 · Posted in Funny, Pictures, Wicked · 6,203 Comments 

The Treehugger

Anti Car Theft Devices

Tie your beater to a tree. What are the chances of someone taking the time to cut down a tree in order to untie your car for easier theft?
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10 Working Tips For Bright Future [Funny]

February 25, 2009 · Posted in Funny · 5,975 Comments 

1) Do not get into trouble

Do not get into trouble

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Seagull Goes Shoplifting [Funny]

February 23, 2009 · Posted in Funny, Videos · 4,137 Comments 

A seagull in Scotland has developed the habit of stealing chips from a neighborhood shop.

The seagull waits until the shopkeeper isn’t looking, and then walks into the store and grabs a snack-size bag of cheese Doritos.

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